5 Popular Interactive Content Types For Your Startup Marketing Success

5 Popular Interactive Content Types For Your Startup Marketing Success

Interactive Content Types For Marketing Success

If you heard about a new content marketing tool that could improve your lead generation, create more positive awareness around your brand, and educate your viewers in a non-preachy way. Would you be interested in learning about it?

So let’s get down to business. In today’s post, we’d be talking about Interactive Content Marketing. It goes by several names and titles, and it also comes in various shapes, sizes and textures that your viewers can interact with.

But at its core, interactive marketing is one-to-one content marketing, which centers on your customer’s actions, preferences and behaviors while visiting your website.

Yet, it’s a type of tool that requires the full participation of your visitor.

Interactive content marketing for startups
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For starters, it’s triggered by things such as viewer’s past action on your website, viewers location, and the type of content she consumes regularly.

The result? It solves an immediate problem for your user, with little to no mention of you and what you do.

Are you with me so far? Good. Now let’s take a quick look at some benefits of having interactive content on your blog/website.

3 Benefits of Creating Interactive Content

Improves Active Engagements

To begin with, a study by the Content Marketing Institute, shows that having interactive content on your website, leads to more social shares, and increases your user engagement.

Why? Because at its core, interactive content gets a prospect to actively engage with it, while also providing great value and fun to your prospect. This three-pronged benefit, makes it a winner every time.

Why is this so?? Because compared to the ubiquitous ‘lead magnets and ebooks’ consumers see interactive content as less of a ;salesy’ tool. So they trust it.

For example Brolik Labs, saw an increase in the time users spent on their website. With an average session time of over 19 minutes after they developed a tool that helps users decide which was the right choice for them: a template or custom website.

Interactive content marketing for startups
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Similarly, interactive content…

Creates Brand Awareness

What’s more, when your content grabs a reader’s attention, so does your brand. Your user’s active participation with your content, leads to brandname retention. Remarkably, interactive tools can increase both recognition and recall of interactive content.

Therefore having an interactive tool, could increase a user’s trust and engagement levels. Usually making it easy for them to recall your brand and help position you as a thought leader in your industry.

On the face of it, it…

Tones Down The Pitch

The same study by Content Marketing Institute quoted above, shows that 75% of content marketers say the leading purpose for deploying interactive content, is educating their audience.

Frankly the marketer’s desire to convert and sell, defers to the consumers’ desire to educate themselves at their own pace. Naturally, this makes interactive content the perfect tool to educate your consumers through interactive videos, interactive infographics etc.

In another twist, 88% of B2B marketers said 10-30% of their content would be interactive in 2018 (DemandGen report).

Let me give you five examples of popular interactive content tools that have been proven to yield huge results.

5 Commonly Used Interactive Content Tools

I.     Assessments

Let’s see exactly how this works: it takes your viewers through a series of questions that are fun, engaging and easy to answer.

Your user gets her problem solved by receiving highly relevant results and personalized recommendations based on the answer she provides.

Once you’ve nailed one, you get get rewarded with a goldmine of relevant data and valuable insight into your prospects persona. Which you can use to figure out how best to serve her. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Interactive content marketing for startups
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ii.     Calculators

Basically, a calculator takes inputs from your visitor and provides them with relevant insight into helpful data that they need. In general, it’s fit for businesses in the weight loss, fitness, cross fit, small business finance niches. e.g., calorie counters, loan calculators etc.

Interactive content tools for startups and small businesses
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Next …

iii.        Contests

Ah, ever the old reliable. Over the years, traditional contests – which appeals to the competitive spirit resident in every human – has evolved to become a fun and interactive activity that your users could engage in.

Good news: you could ask your users to generate their own content and post it on your blog for a reward. That’s right. And all this data and feedback seamlessly flows back into your marketing platform. No pressure there!

iV.      Quizzes

Arguably the most popular interactive tool on the internet. Easy to create, boasts of high user engagements and conversions. But beyond that, I’m certain you’ve come across different online quizzes that tests your knowledge of a subject, place or topic? Like the quiz in the screenshot below by Small Biz Trends to test which business structure is right for you.

Interactive content tools for startups and small businesses
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V.           Interactive infographics

Make no mistake about it, data visualizations, regular infographics, and animated-infographics provide a way for you to present elaborate information in a crisp, appealing and straightforward way. Bottom line: you’ll have a slew of highly engaged users in your hands. It’s that simple.

Interactive conetnt marketing tools for startups and small businesses
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Be warned: Interactive content is a powerful tool that could drastically improve your brand’s image and ramp up your engagements. But beware, it’s use might decline sooner than you expect.

Now go out and do it.

What other interactive tool do you use in your content marketing efforts? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. A very interesting read!

    As a personal finance blogger I’d love to be able to provide calculators on my site, but I’m going to look at quizzes for now. Thanks for the well-needed nudge.

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